To all members of Norwich Flower Club (and friends)


Hello everyone,


Here's hoping that you are all keeping well. Are you still enjoying your gardens and maybe your new hobbies? Possibly many of you have been able to visit further afield and some of you have been able to see grandchildren and other family members.


No doubt some members have been on a shopping spree in the city or been out for restaurant meals or just a coffee and a cake. By now too perhaps you have been in contact with each other and you will have seen in the previous newsletters that events from April to September had been cancelled.


Here I would like to thank Joyce so much for all the work she has put into those newsletters and also for letting me take a step back from Flower Club business when my husband was ill and in hospital.


Many thanks to Joyce and Liz for phoning our members.


The Officers of the Club met in Jennifer Walters' garden last Wednesday morning. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the feasibilty of holding the meetings in September, October and November and the Workshop in November. Previously opinions had been received, by email or phone, from the other members of the committee.


After much discussion, much of it concerned with the safety of our members, it was decided to cancel the September and October meetings. There had been a thought that an ordinary meeting in September might have been possible.


We thought that the November Meeting and the Workshop MIGHT  be able to go ahead if some restrictions were removed by that time and if the Demonstrator and members were able to safely attend. However as no one knows just what will happen with the Corona virus we await new directions week by week.


We thought that it was highly unlikely that the Christmas lunch in December would go ahead. Liz Hughes will contact The George Hotel as she has not heard anything from them yet.


Subscriptions were discussed and it was decided that members who had paid their subscriptions by March 2020 would not need to pay anything in January 2021.


The subscription for the 2021 programme, payable in January for anyone not a member in 2020, would remain at £47.


Joyce will continue to update our website and as soon as we have anything new to tell members she will put it on the website. So please do keep looking at it.


If you have any comments or concerns about the Club do send me an email.


Keep safe and happy, 


Christine x